General Guidelines

  • Session Proposals are accepted under six main themes and two formats as described below – select the most relevant theme for your content and the best format for its delivery.
  • WC12 International Scientific Advisory Committee strongly encourages proposals with 3Rs content spanning multiple disciplines and sectors.
  • Please strive to diversify your proposal by including interdisciplinary content, for example, refinement; reduction; replacement; toxicology; regulatory testing; biomedical research; disease models; technologies (in vitro; ex-vivo; in vivo; in chemico; in silico/big data/AI); regulatory acceptance; global harmonization; education; and bioethics/welfare.
  • Please integrate multisectoral content and speaker suggestions (from academia, industry, government, and not-for-profit) for diverse perspectives and learning experience.
  • Please note that space is limited for proposed sessions (60 sessions for the entire Congress). Sessions will be selected via peer review by the International Scientific Advisory Committee. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to combine sessions under a common theme and propose additional speakers, as deemed suitable based on submissions and priority themes.
  • Session proposals are due on Friday, June 17, 2022.
  • Submitting a session proposal is no longer possible.
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Craft Session Title and Select Theme and Format

The title should be concise yet informative. Use the 3Cs—be creative, concise, and catchy. Carefully select the Theme for your proposed session (select from six options) and the most appropriate format for delivery (select from 2 options). The Scientific Advisory Committee reserves the right to propose changes to the format of tentatively accepted sessions in order to accommodate the best fit for your session within the overall scientific program of the conference.

Draft the Session Description/Abstract

This section must provide succinct, but sufficient details for peer-review by an interdisciplinary, multisectoral International Scientific Advisory Committee. The purpose of the session should be well defined and clearly stated—describing the subject, highlighting the research, innovation, concepts, and challenges/issues to be addressed under the selected theme and format. There is a limit of 5,000 characters (including spaces) for this Session Description/Abstract (avoid the use of uncommon abbreviations and technical jargon). The Scientific Advisory Committee must be able to tell from the proposal description the difference in the content and role of your proposed presenters. Speaker names and titles must not be included in the abstract (this information will be available to the Scientific Advisory Committee from the speaker identification segment of the proposal portal).

Designate Chair/Co-Chair and Suggest Speakers

You may suggest 4-6 speakers per session and designate roles as Chair, Co-chair, or Speaker. An individual cannot be a Chair for more than one proposal, but may serve as a Co-Chair for a second proposal. The Scientific Advisory Committee strongly encourages session proposals to accommodate the integration of additional speakers—to be selected from submitted, accepted abstracts. Please also indicate whether this will be a sponsored session.

Declare Conflict of Interest

Please declare any conflict of interest (personal, financial, or otherwise) that could potentially interfere or undermine the rigour and objectivity of the proposal. If there is a conflict of interest, clearly state the source and nature of the conflict.

PROPOSAL Submission

Follow the steps outlined on the Proposal Submission page to enter all pertinent information. The session Chair serves as the primary contact for all communication with the WC12 Congress Secretariat. It is the responsibility of the Chair to submit the proposal using the Proposal Submission portal by the designated deadline (June 17, 2022). It is also the Chair’s responsibility to ensure that the Co-Chair and the Speakers receive all pertinent session information if granted tentative acceptance of the session for the scientific program.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: speakers suggested in the proposals do not receive financial compensation from the World Congress.

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