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Canada has made monumental contributions to the life sciences.

Canada strives for science that can make a real difference to our health, environment, economy, people in our communities, and our future prosperity. Since WC8 was held in Montreal in 2011, Canada has made significant progress and commitment to advance the 3Rs, including the establishment of Canada's first and only 3Rs Centre. WC12 will be hosted by the Canadian Centre for Alternatives to Animal Methods (CCAAM) and its subsidiary, the Canadian Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods (CaCVAM), located at the University of Windsor in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

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niagara falls, canada

Nestled between the Great Lakes Ontario and Erie, the Niagara River and the entire Great Lakes Basin is a legacy of the last Ice Age. Today the iconic Horse Shoe Falls roars at 2,271,247 litres per second!

Niagara is a bucket-list destination rich with great places to eat, play, and sleep. From the luxurious and exclusive to the charming and affordable, Niagara Falls has accommodations for every budget. Niagara Falls is easily accessible by car, taxi, train, bus, and plane due to its central location in Ontario and proximity to the United States.

Rediscover the wonder of in-person World Congresses again at the 8th world wonder!

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Niagara Falls Convention Centre
6815 Stanley Avenue
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Canada L2G 3Y9